TabU | Launch Promo




TABu founders Kyra Durko and Ben Marans want to revolutionize the way bar-goers pay their tab by integrating a mobile system of payment. Their app, TABu, does just that: "TABu's mission," Durko said, "is to upgrade the outdated payment process at bars and clubs by providing a simple digital platform to process bar tabs." Not only are they creating and providing a useful resource, they are reforming an obsolete aspect of bar culture altogether. 

The launch promo was designed with two objectives in mind: A) Demonstrate the seamlessness of mobile payment in a bar setting and B) Highlight the difference in experience with and without the utility (stale, disappointing vs. fun, exciting). In doing so, viewers would ideally be compelled to sign up for the primary launch event via the invite link provided at the end of the promo.

Leading up to the launch event in Manhattan, the promo was premiered at several app incubating events and published on the app's Facebook page with a highly positive response. As a result, the turnout at the event was phenomenal:
A FULL HOUSE, largely generating interest for the future!