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Grayson is an award-winning filmmaker based in Brooklyn, NY. He was awarded a full-ride scholarship to New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts upon graduating high school and, since graduating NYU in 2018, has directed a variety of narrative and commercial short form content. His commercial work has been televised nationally (Mastercard Gold Card’s “Experience More” aired during The Masters Tournament in 2018), his interactive internet content has gone viral (‘Spectacular Organic’ has garnered 1,000,000+ online impressions), and his narrative work has toured Oscar-Qualifying festivals globally including HollyShorts Film Festival, RiverRun Film Festival, and more (full list here). His most recent narrative short, A Handful of Dust, premiered on Omeleto (also featured as one of the five films in Omeleto’s Best of October program). He also operates a production company in New York called SACRAL CREATIVE along with producer Taylor Haley.

Grayson is currently in development on his debut feature, a coming-of-age crime thriller titled Sleeping Dogs.

You can find his reel below: